What is placement?

Placement is a revolutionary approach to linking teacher candidates with partner teachers for the purpose of acquiring field-based experience. Designed to link personality type and teaching style, placement ensures meaningful and complementary extended practicum matching according to location, grade range, and subject matter.

Please Note

For 2020, the placement application has transitioned to a new server. This transition will increase the stability of the application and provide greater security for your data. If you have used placement in the past, you should not notice any differences in the user experience. However, if you had previously created an account on placement, you will need to recreate that account and complete the survey again as no user accounts were transferred from the old server. The improved stability and security of the new server should ensure that your account will carry forward to future years from now on. If you need assistance, please contact education.internship@usask.ca or placement.support@usask.ca. Thank you for your interest in the placement program.

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